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Werk en Waarde (translated something like “worthwhile work”) is dedicated to the development of special talents, e.g. gifted people and others, not fitting in average jobs. Frans Corten founded Werk en Waarde in 2001. He offers job coaching, lectures and inspiration workshops for individuals, as well as consultancy for companies. He has written several articles about this subject (together with others), of which two are translated into English (and one even into Polish).

His new book Exceptional talent. Guide for the gifted, inventors and other birds of a rare feather is now translated from Dutch and has been published in 2021. Worldwide shipping via

Please read about the work and vision of “Werk en Waarde” in the following articles:

Gifted adults at work (This first article of Noks Nauta and Frans Corten is now republished in the International Mensa Research Journal, Vol. 39, No. 2 , summer 2009 about ‘Gifted in the workplace’.) Also translated in German (2015) and Polish.

Gifted employees: key to innovation? Gifted people seem to be designed for innovation. But it is difficult for society to recognize this… Also translated in French (2014)

Both articles are selected for the reading list of the US insititute SENG.

Now translated in German: about coming out as gifted compared with coming out as gay.

Frans Corten was invited to give an interactive presentation “How to build a gifted career” at the first European Mensa congress in Köln (Cologne), July 30th – Aug, 3rd 2008. Read the article about it in the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (in German).

Frans Corten has published many more articles (in Dutch) and cooperated in some Dutch books about Giftedness at work.